Bangladesh For Sustainable Improvement With Plans For Tackling Weather Exchange

Ambassador momen said this at the open debate on “addressing the influences of weather-associated screw ups on international peace and security” on the un headquarters in new york the previous day.

Mentioning that tackling climate change is at once related with sustainable development and resilience constructing, the bangladesh envoy to the un stated multidimensional vulnerabilities are posed with the aid of climate exchange and disasters.

Consistent with this attitude, under the leadership of its weather crusader top minister sheikh hasina, bangladesh government has these days adopted delta plan 2100, for you to provide the u . S . With the sustainable development pathway for the next one hundred years, he said.

“bangladesh is devoted to implement its nationally determined contributions inside the framework of the paris settlement. We’ve mainstreamed climate actions and catastrophe control in our countrywide making plans and sustainable improvement approach. Over 1 percentage of our gdp is being used to combat weather exchange,” momen stated.

“to make certain food protection for our human beings, we had been investing in remodeling our agriculture and making it more resilient to the influences of climate alternate and screw ups. Projects have been taken to growth tree coverage from 22% to 24% inside the next 5 years.”

A project worth 50 million dollar is being implemented for the conservation of the sundarbans, the sector’s biggest mangrove wooded area and a unesco international historical past website online, he additionally stated.

Mentioning that bangladesh is one of the worst affected nations with the aid of the impacts of worldwide weather trade because of its geographical area and is exceptionally at risk of natural failures consisting of cyclone, flood, landslide and earthquake, momen stated that “regardless of severa demanding situations, bangladesh has been able to reduce casualties in incidents of herbal disasters these days”.

Taking diverse measures, along with improvement in early warning machine, dissemination of information, status quo of cyclone shelters, and energetic engagement of dedicated cyclone preparedness program volunteers for preparedness and reaction sports, has significantly improved the nation’s ability to respond proactively to disasters, he said.

The bangladesh envoy to the un stressed that the halting of the global weather exchange and decrease catastrophe dangers will largely depend on the implementation of the 2030 time table, the paris agreement and the sendai framework to their true letter and spirit.

“the these days adopted worldwide compact on secure, orderly and ordinary migration has additionally acknowledged that making an investment in, and accelerating global cooperation for, weather exchange mitigation and edition could make a contribution to the elimination of the adverse drivers and structural factors that compel human beings to depart their country of origin.”

Momen additionally said that bangladesh is of the firm view that weather alternate and related screw ups need to be discussed in the framework of global improvement cooperation.

“huge emitters need to move for fast mitigation of ghgs. Also, presenting monetary resources and making sure technology switch to the vulnerable international locations for their version efforts will be the most effective reaction to the threats to global peace and security posed by means of climate alternate and related failures,” he said.

Emphasising that powerful implementation of paris settlement and other applicable global documents and mechanisms are have to to combat the weather alternate effects, momen said it’s miles required that the whole un machine should paintings collectively to improve our know-how and expertise to find out if weather alternate poses any direct danger to peace and security in a specific locality or it’s far one of the multiplying elements.

“the complete un device should additionally talk in a single voice for stopping and resolving any disaster this is an evident final results of unfavourable outcomes of climate alternate,” he introduced.

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